Jerome Prairie Bible Church Building a family of loving disciples

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes this church unique?

A: We are a very friendly family of normal people who are learning to live by faith. Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Grace is our treasure. We are committed to loving and accepting people as they are, not as they wished they were. We don’t play church, we are the church. We are committed to making disciples who love as Jesus loves throughout the Grants Pass area and around the world.


Q: What can you tell me about the pastor?

A: James is a passionate Bible teacher who loves sharing the love and life of Jesus with people. He is very focused on application - helping people see how the Bible practically relates to their daily lives. James was called to be the pastor in 1991 after pastoring nine years in Carson City, Nevada. He married his best friend, Suzie, in 1980 and they have three fun sons. Two are grown and married living in the Portland/Vancouver area, and one is currently living in Grants Pass.  They have one granddaughter and three grandsons.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothes! Casual clothes are the norm. We want you coming as you are, but we do not recommend pajamas. Men are frequently seen in Dockers and Levis and collared shirts or tee shirts; ladies’ outfits range from pantsuits and dresses, to jeans. Wear what will allow you to be yourself as you are meeting some new friends who really don’t think your outward appearance is what matters most.


Q: What will the service be like?

A: Our services are a creative joyful compilation of songs, testimonies, teaching, and prayer celebrating Jesus Christ as our Risen Lord and Savior. We enjoy humor, participation, and variety. No two weeks are exactly the same. Services are generally about 90 minutes in length.


Q: What happens to me if I am a guest? Will I have to say anything or be embarrassed in some way?

A: Relax! You are our guest! We expect that you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly congregation through personal greetings from the parking lot to the pew. We do NOT ask our guests to publicly stand or single them out for social embarrassment. We do want to get to know you, so we will encourage you to sign our guest book and receive an informative welcome packet and a free gift.


Q: What size is Jerome Prairie when it comes to people?

A: There are about three hundred people who call JPBC home that come from all walks of life. We are a multi-generational, socially, and economically diverse family that loves Jesus.


Q: Is this a Christian church?

A: Yes, we are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, drawing our identity from His love and life and submitting ourselves to His Word the Bible.


Q: What are the service times and which service should I attend?

A: We have one service at 9:30 AM. We invite the children to begin the service with their family and then we provide a separate focused teaching geared to their needs and development.  Spanish translation is available during the service.


Q: What about my children?

A: We provide loving teachers and encouraging Bible teaching for children nursery through 5th grade. Our screened workers are compassionate believers who love children and Jesus. Sharing the love of Jesus with a child is their greatest joy.


Q: What about asking for money?

A: We do not pressure people for money. We do not pass an offering plate. God supplies our needs through the generous gifts of His thankful family. We have donation boxes near the doors for those who want to honor the Lord with their gifts. We believe giving is a heart response of worship to the Lord that must be of your free will to honor Him.


Q: Is Jerome Prairie Bible Church affiliated with a denomination?

A: No. Jerome Prairie Bible Church is a non-denominational church, established by a circuit riding preacher in the early 1900's. Our first building was a log cabin built entirely by volunteer labor and the donations of the community in 1932. We believe life is about relationships rather than religion.


Q: What does Jerome Prairie Bible Church believe?

A: Please read our Statement of Faith for a complete answer to this question.