kingdom change

What is Kingdom Change?

We want to bring about change by sharing our "change" and gifts with the ministries JPBible regularly supports.  We do this by giving above and beyond our regular support.  Each month we focus on a different work to direct our gifts for a specific project to minister to our missionaries or their mission to better equip them to serve their Savior.  We are teaming up with them to love people for Jesus by our giving.  We grow connected by hearing more about them and serving them in giving.

January: Tim & Barbie, Frontiers
February: Pregnancy Care Center, Grants Pass
March: Deaf Bible Society, Global Ministry
April: Joe's Place, Grants Pass
May: Wilderness Trails, Josephine County
June: Bill & Debi, CEF Southern California

July: Celebrate Recovery, Grants Pass
August: CEF, Josephine County
September: Mike and Sandy, Ethnos 360
October: Tim & Barbie, Frontiers
November: Voice of the Martyrs, Global Ministry
December: Gospel Rescue Mission, Grants Pass

This Month: Wilderness Trails

Joe's Place is a ministry for local youth in Grants Pass. Their mission is to impact the lives of youth through the love of Christ by building authentic relationships, trust, and respect, in a safe and positive environment.
Consider joining us this month by giving to them beyond your usual support!